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Online Blackjack Rules

Strategy for Lucky Online Casino Blackjack Lucky blackjack is a variant of online blackjack but it does not follow the regular online blackjack rules at all. It is a game where the player is not dealt any hand at all. This completely goes against the rules of regular online blackjack rules. In this game, the dealer is dealt a hand in the usually manner following the online blackjack rules. But the player is not given any cards. He has to guess the outcome. This game has been developed by the online software developer Playtech and it is available in the online casinos that are powered by the Playtech software.

Blackjack gamers should go to the new caisnojeux.com portal! The entire game list can be obtained at the casino en ligne francais site! The cards and the hand values are valued according to the online blackjack rules. There are seven betting options that are given to a player. The player can bet on any of the following scenarios. The dealer will get 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21. He can also bet on the dealer going bust or getting a blackjack. The player can buy the chips and then place the chip of the desired amount on the different betting areas. After the player has placed the bet, he has to press the deal button with his mouse. The cards are dealer to the dealer according to the online blackjack rules of Lucky blackjack. These rules have been incorporated into the software by the software developer. The dealer is initially given two cards and if the hand value is less than 17 points then he has to withdraw another card. The dealer has to keep on picking cards till his hand value is 17 or more than 17. Then the outcome of lucky blackjack is revealed and the payouts are made according to the odds. So this was in short about the Lucky blackjack, a variant of blackjack that doesnÂ't follows online blackjack rules.