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China Gambling Online

The concept of gambling can be traced back to china's history. Keno is the most popular gambling game invented by the Chinese people nearly 3,000 years back. It was run by the state and it raised funds for building the Wall of China and for building armies. This game is played like a lottery almost in every country today. There are also some other popular Chinese games like Mah Jong and Pai Gow, which are also equally popular in China. However, Keno is the only gambling option considered to be legal in China. Communist party of China considers gambling as illegal.

Some of the games like Pai Gow or Mah Jong are imbibed in the Chinese culture and so, it is often found that people play these gambling games when in small environments. The Chinese authorities, therefore, overlook the playing of such games as they are played privately and not advertised publicly. In 2005, Government of China instituted crackdown and sweeping of illegal gambling and issued a statement stating that citizens would not receive any prosecution for playing friendly games. Actually, China banned online gambling in any form for protecting its own citizens. Online gambling is absolutely unrecognized in China and is also regarded as illegal.

As Chinese people consider gambling online illegal in China, so, there are indications that some new legislation may be brought in order to legitimize this practice soon. The reason for this step is to boost the financial sector of the Chinese Government. In the meantime, many Chinese players opt for international legal casinos. By using VPNs, they can safely gamble online from the mainland. Due to boost in Chinese industries, an average person of China develops increasing disposable income and like elite people, ordinary citizens too are investing money in casinos. Furthermore, it is also observed that most Chinese people gamble illegally in the existing casinos. New laws will regulate the mode of existing game and will allow the companies to launch as well as run casinos.